Info for Hosts

1. We're looking for a house or loft space that can comfortably and safely host around 40 people. A big living room, finished basement or other interior space would be ideal. Sorry, unless we've put out a special call, we're not looking for outdoor spaces, we might try an outside tour sometime though!

2. There needs to be enough parking nearby, and your neighbors should be cool. It would be a bummer if the cops showed up because of all the extra cars and people coming to your house. If you live in a small apartment, have a cranky landlord or neighbors who don't like you, this might not be for you.

3. At show time, the event will not be open to the public and no tickets will be sold at the door. We'll pre-sell a set number of tickets for each show at before the show.

4. There will be no reselling or third-party tickets sales. All tickets sales are direct to fans from

5. We'll provide the host with a list of everyone coming to the show. The host won't have to deal with any money and will only need to check people off the list as they arrive.

6. The host may have up to 4 free tickets for the show. If you have additional friends who want to come to the show, you can direct them to the link to buy tickets on-line.

7. You don't need any sort of sound system. All you need are chair(s) for the artist(s) to sit on and seats or spots for guests.

8. Your home address will not be published on the web and will be given only to people who purchase tickets, online, in advance.

9. The shows will not be promoted or advertised anywhere except by us. PLEASE, let us do the promo work; we don't want the location of your show to become public knowledge.

10. Unless noted, there will be no opening acts at these living room shows.

Interested in us coming to your place?